• All clients must register for classes (which includes filling out the proper paperwork, signing waivers or consent forms, providing personal & emergency contact information, etc.). 

  • Clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to class, wearing the proper attire (no jewelry, no gum, shirt with sleeves, cell phones off, etc.). 

  • Pre-register: we like to know who is coming to our classes so our instructors can pre-plan the session to accommodate all clients; we also want to make sure you always have a hammock, just in case.

  • No shoes on the mat please.

  • Cancellations for one-on-one private lessons must be made at least 48 hours prior to the lesson scheduled or full payment is required. Private coaching is available according to the availability of the requested instructor. 

  • Class Cancellations:  we respectfully ask that if you are unable to attend class as registered, please cancel at least 2 hours prior to the start of class.  You can cancel your reservation online, emailing info@houseofflyte.com or calling the studio at 239.260.7782. 

  • A missed class, no show or late cancel* will result in one of the following actions, depending upon the package type: 

A count series package (i.e.: 1 single class, 5 class pack, 10, etc) a late cancellation* or no show will result in the loss of the class;
A time series package (i.e.: month unlimited, auto-pay contracts, and any unlimited time package) a late cancellation* or no show will result in $10 No Show Fee**.
A “$10 No Show Fee” will be billed to your cc on file.  (If you do not have a valid cc on file, the $10 fee will be billed to your account and must be paid before taking your next class.) The $10 No Show Fee will be automatically billed to your cc/ account after a missed class.  
You will receive an emailed receipt notifying you of this fee.

  • Workshops – all workshops must be prepaid, 72 hour cancellation required.

  • Management must give permission for usage of any space and/or equipment before use. 

  • All classes must be supervised by an AntiGravity® Instructor. Space/equipment usage must also be supervised at all times. 

  • An Incident Report MUST be completed immediately following any/all injuries that occur within the facility (including minor issues). 

  • Lost and Found Policy, House of Flyte will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen property. All personal property is the owner’s responsibility.  All items found in the studio will be placed in the lost and found.  If you left something behind, please call 239.260.7782 or email info@houseofflyte.com with your name, phone, email and the time(s) you are missing.