House of Flyte, founded by Candice Kochenour, 
was created to bring a fun and inspiring workout space to Naples, Florida. 

The mission of Flyte is to bring about health and happiness through Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fitness suspension techniques offering a unique combination of fitness sequences to our clients while continuously striving to improve the overall experience in an intimate and safe fitness boutique setting. 

Candice Kochenour, Founder & Instructor

Candice, Founder, instructor and yoga lover
Candice Kochenour, founder and instructor

Who is "CK”?
I am not an independent workout type; I need to feel both a part of something and a sense of accomplishment from my fitness routine, that's why I chose AntiGravity® As a marketing executive I wanted to find an outlet to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in to the craziness of life! It's an adventure and I am excited to share it with the Naples community.  As a certified instructor I have the best of both worlds; playing in the hammock while at work, it doesn't get any better than that!

Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA

What most people don't know about you?  
I am a closet 80's hairband music fan when I am in the car, blasting it with the windows down! 

Favorite Guilty pleasure?  
Chewy Sprees!  Especially the purple and red ones!  Enjoy a few yourself when you stop in the studio, always a full jar at our registration counter!

What to expect at one of your classes?  
An upbeat playful work-out while getting a deeper stretch!  Christopher Harrison claims that "In LIFE, hidden in the forces that pull you down, is the energy to lift you up!"  The stunning and deeply spiritual martial art of Aikido is based on this profound truth. In Aikido, it is described as the "redirection" of energy.  The force of the opponent is redirected into a new movement. This same "redirection of energy" is how Harrison turns Gravity into AntiGravity® and he calls it The Trick of Life.

Favorite part about AntiGravity®? 
The philosophy of the Fountain of Youth. We are constantly chasing potions for youth and have learned how to hide our wrinkles, however, it is our posture, agility and ease of movement that often shows our age the most. We are only as young as our spine is flexible and our mind is open! Open up, be free and discover the real fountain of youth through AntiGravity®!

At my first anti-gravity class, I noticed a quote on the wall "do something every day that scares you", well that day it was the "swoosh" and it was the coolest, most empowering, hey, I am a rockstar feeling!  Can't wait until you take your first "swoosh" with me at House of Flyte!

Love your mantra? What's yours?  Carpe Diem!  Seize the day!

Jamie Blaiweiss,  Flyte Attendant & Instructor

Jamie Blaiweiss
Jamie Blaiweiss

Who is “Jamie”?
I have been in the fitness industry for about 13 years now and love every moment of it. I am a personal trainer, 300 hours yoga instructor and an AntiGravity Flyte Attendant.

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

What most people don’t know about you? 
I am Canadian from the beautiful city of Montreal. Residing in Florida for 23 years. Also am a proud mother of my beautiful daughter, Paige : )

Favorite guilty pleasure?
My favorite guilty pleasure is enjoying a good meal, whatever it may be for that days craving... All in moderation of course.

What to expect at one of your classes?
During my class of Anti Gravity fitness at House of Flyte I want you to feel comfortable and young at heart, feeling the lightness of being in the air and always smiling.

Favorite part about AntiGravity®?
My favorite part of Anti Gravity fitness is the swoosh, I have dreams that I run- put my arms out- jump and I sore through the sky like a bird. That feeling to me is so freeing to my soul.

Love your mantra? What’s yours? 
One day at a time is one of my favorite ways to live. You cannot change the past, the future will be there tomorrow, to live in the moment is to truly live, love and appreciate life.

Lindy Salvi, Instructor

Lindy Salvi
Lindy Salvi

Who is “Lindy”?
I began practicing AntiGravity® fitness 4 ½ years ago. After doing the practice for 2 seasons in Naples and feeling the amazing benefits in my body, I decided to become an instructor and trained at Christopher Harrison’s New York AntiGravity® Labs the past three springs/summers.  This begins my third season teaching in Naples and I teach in Chicago during the off-season. As a former RN, avid tennis player, and fitness enthusiast, I appreciate all the health benefits that AntiGravity® has to offer.  I feel as though I have come full circle from being a kid who loved to swing and invert on monkey bars, to becoming a nurse, to being a mother, and now back in the health arena as an AG fitness instructor.  I am eager to share the practice with everyone so they can feel the difference in their bodies…and they will!

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL 

What most people don’t know about you? 
I am the mother of 5 wonderful sons!  And lucky me, I have 2 grandsons now too!!

Favorite Guilty pleasure?
Regular massages. Another good practice for your body…it’s so good for your skin, body, and mental health! If you want something a little more naughty…it has to be Strawberry Twizzlers, but they are so bad for you…yikes!

What to expect at one of your classes?
In one of my classes, you can expect to get the cues that you need to be successful in the practice.  I am very aware of safety and will adjust the poses to accommodate any tightness or restrictions in your body.  It’s fun to fly, so everyone will get a chance to play with this in the Harrison Hammock.

Favorite part about AntiGravity®?
My favorite part of AntiGravity® Fitness is being part of someone experiencing it for the first time.  I remember what it was like when I first did an inversion in the Harrison Hammock.  I want everyone to have that same feeling of opening up their bodies and minds when they do AG work and experience that “AntiGravity® high” afterwards.  It’s so gratifying!

Love your mantra? What’s yours? My mantra is “Be Extraordin-AIR-y!”

Karla Nason, Instructor

Karla Nason
Karla Nason

Who is "Karla”?
Fitness enthusiast, Karla Nason has been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and GYROTONIC® instructor in both Canada and the United States for over 20 years. After moving to the US, she continued her fitness career through the Aerobic & Fitness Association of America and completed her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of South Florida.  She is an AFAA certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Kickboxing Instructor. And in addition to her certifications in Antigravity Fitness®, Yoga, Pilates Mat, STEP, Keiser Power Pacing, Indoor Cycling, Bender Barre Method®, TABATA Bootcamp®, ZUMBA®, BOSU, Sports Nutrition, MOSSA® Group POWER®, Group RIDE®  and Group CENTERGY®, Karla is also a licensed GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor (including additional specialized certifications on the Gyrotonic® Specialty Equipment - Leg Extension Unit, Ladder, Jumping and Stretching Board).

She has continued her studies in Italy, Switzerland, New York, Miami, California and Hawaii. Among her most passionate modalities are GYROTONIC® and Antigravity Fitness®. Karla has also been titled Fitness Program Coordinator of a few Florida health clubs throughout her career. Her strong desire for fitness training has led her to her greatest success with "Fitness Infusion," a private studio exclusively offering the Gyrotonic® Exercise Method.  Karla's dedication, passion, motivation and charismatic approach to helping others succeed on their path to a healthier lifestyle, keeps them coming back for more!! Karla currently resides in Naples, FL with her daughter, Hayden.

What most people don't know about you? 
I played women's ice hockey for 10 years, I was a Canada Games Athlete and I speak French.

Favorite Guilty pleasure? Traveling the world solo and Dark chocolate.

What to expect at one of your classes? 
Always expect to have fun, feel comfortable, safe, successful and accomplished! You will always be in good hands and have a great time!

Favorite part about AntiGravity®?
My favorite part about AG is not only experiencing a sense of levity, freedom, strength and empowerment by successfully executing and accomplishing challenging positions, flips and tricks, but it is witnessing my "passengers" conquer their own fears, giving them that self-gratifying experience they never thought possible! Letting go of our imperfections and honoring our victories gives us that sense of accomplishment which truly empowers us! 

My personal favorite - Inversions! I absolutely love hanging upside down and seeing the world from a different perspective! I enjoy the decompression and openness by body experiences and the freedom of being in the air!

Love your mantra? What's yours? 
Love this life. You were given this life because you're strong enough to live it. 

So live a life you love, always stay positive and laugh often! Never dwell on the past...make your past failures your successes of tomorrow. And always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. 

Donna Alpert, Instructor

Dr. Donna Alpert, also known as J.R. AntiGravity Aerial Yoga instructor
Donna alpert

Who is "Donna"? 
My love of teaching fitness started in high school when I helped spot and teach gymnastics to high school students while in high school. Being a student of ballet, acrobatics and gymnastics prepared me for what now would be the culmination of many fitness disciplines Christopher Harrison's AntiGravity® Fitness! After college, in my 20s I taught and managed a health club in Marietta Ohio.

What most people don't know about you?
Besides being a Certified Anti-Gravity fitness instructor, I am the CFO for WAVV 101.1 FM Radio Station and a licensed mental health counselor at Cederquist Medical Wellness Center. I hold a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. I specialize in women's issues, body image and weight management.

Favorite Guilty pleasure? Dairy Queen, red wine and Hallmark movies.

What to expect at one of your classes?
Expect to leave one of my classes feeling happier, taller and more relaxed. As well, exercise can be fun! One of the principles of anti-gravity fitness is levity. Levity refers to movement through air and space and fun!

Favorite part about AntiGravity®? 
I believe in the mind-body connection and how one truly affects the other. One of the great benefits of antigravity fitness is the happy hormone cocktail that it provides without medicine! What you may expect from one of my classes are thorough explanations of the benefits of the exercises achieved in spinal alignment, decompression and flexibility. Reverse the aging process by standing up straighter and taller! You may have noticed people from 50 to 90 tend to slump forward with poorer posture. With Antigravity Fitness, posture is enhanced as your range of motion and spinal flexibility increases. Christopher Harrison, the originator of AntiGravity® Fitness says "You are only as young as your spine is flexible!"

Love your mantra? What's yours? Be true to you! Happiness is a choice! You are captain of your own ship, so don't let it sink! There is always time to exercise! Prioritize people and activities (such as AntiGravity® fitness!) most important to you and pay attention to the time that you give each of them.

Lorraine Gabay, Flyte Attendant & Instructor

Lorrane Gabay
Lorraine Gabay

Who is "Lorraine"?
I began my journey by learning the art of massage therapy in New Jersey 15 years ago. The practice intrigued my interest in the mind, body and spirit balance that needs to be applied to everyday life. As my passion increased, I then started practicing yoga as well. An avid gardener, I moved to Naples to enjoy a much longer season (all year) to entertain my favorite hobby and continue practicing yoga. Now part of the Antigravity team, I look forward to flying with new people.

Hometown:  Solihull, England

What most people don't know about you? 
Considering I hate heights, I love sky diving and zip lining all over the world.

Favorite Guilty pleasure? Chocolate!!

Favorite part about AntiGravity®?
I love inversions. The blood flow to my head while upside down always leaves me with a euphoric feeling by the end of the class.

Love your mantra? What's yours? 
Live life one day at a time. Nobody has full control over what tomorrow will bring...

Cesar Rios, Instructor

Cesar, in the hamoock

Who is “Cesar”?
I have been learning, practicing, performing and teaching various movement related techniques for the last 25 years, with a professional dance background in ballet and contemporary dance, then choreography. After quitting dance, I moved into martial arts, yoga and Thai massage, I'm a full time Yoga teacher and now I'm super excited to share my new passion, AntiGravity® fitness.

What most people don’t know about you? 
Cooking is my passion, I love to do it at home with a nice beer and great music/company (I worked as chef for seven years)

Favorite guilty pleasure? many! Lol...but I guess, eating coconut butter with everything.

What to expect at one of your classes?
I like to help people gain awareness about the importance of the breath, the mind-body connection and the power that comes with that. Alignment cues to help you deepen the poses in a safe way. Lots of laughter, I like to joke a lot. And commitment to help every student regardless of the level of practice, to leave the class feeling accomplished and empowered

Favorite part about AntiGravity®?
The inversions, there's a sense of freedom, lightness and joy in all of them, and on top of that, the wonderful benefits of spinal decompression, strengthening of the core, oxygenation of the brain, all benefits that no other technique can offer.

Love your mantra? What’s yours? 
Body is the bow
Asana is the arrow
Soul is the target. -B.K.S. Iyengar 

Jessica McCarthy, Instructor

Jessica McCarthy.jpg
Image of house of flyte instructor Jessica swinging in a hammock

Who is “Jessica”?

Let me start by saying, that this is an ever-evolving answer! I am a proud wife and mother, and I love my family! I am constantly looking to grow, to give and receive Joy and to encourage others to see the best within themselves-as I am also continuously doing for myself.  Just as there are MANY progressions in this practice, I believe life offers the same as well!

Hometown: Chicago IL

What do most people not know about you?
I have moved more than 70 times in my life so far!

Favorite guilty pleasure?
Cheese….all kind…any kind…just Cheese.  And Days of Our Lives….do not judge me.

What to expect from one of your classes?
First and foremost, FUN. Facing your fears and/or self-limitations head on while having a fun time doing so! Being able to BE where you are at any given time, on any given day. Working together within your practice with a group of people who relate with the empowerment and excitement of the AntiGravity® practice!

Favorite part of AntiGravity®?
The self empowerment!! This practice has captivated me from day 1, completely helping me in transforming on many levels-Mind, Body and Spirit! I love the endless amount of progression this practice has to offer and how, inevitably, to succeed in this practice you must come to YOURSELF to trust and let go of your fears!  

Debra Orringer, Instructor

Debra Orringer instructor

Who is "Deb O"? 

What most people don't know about you?
I used to weigh close to 250lbs. It was my personal health kick that prompted me to change my career from psychology to Clinical Exercise Physiology. I have been teaching wellness and fitness for over 25 years. Ten of of those years were spent managing the wellness programs for NASAs Kennedy Space Center. I am also a board certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Favorite Guilty pleasure?
NY Pizza. I grew up in NY and every-time I am visiting family up north I must have NY pizza… it’s a moral imperative.

What to expect at one of your classes?
After teaching fitness for 25 years the one thing I want is for all of us to have fun and have the ability to laugh… usually at ourselves.  And while they are laughing at ourselves we are getting stronger, healthier and happier.

Favorite part about AntiGravity®? 
The feeling of freedom in flyte.  Also the sense of empowerment as we get stronger and accomplish things physically we may have never thought possible.

Love your mantra? What's yours?
Being Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Hard.