Dear House of Flyte Family,

I am writing to you today because you have been a big part of House of Flyte. It has been almost 3 years since our official launch and I want to thank you for being such an inspirational part of my journey.

The road to health is not steadily upward. The ups and downs are the process of life and create the lessons that make us strong. It is with that thought in mind I will be closing the studio July 1st to focus on my personal health goals and my family.

This decision has been so difficult. The most rewarding part of this journey has been you, the clients. Seeing you fly! You have overcome fears, accomplished your goals, all the while laughing and decompressing!

I have also been so fortunate to surround myself with an amazing team who has become my Flyte Family.

Winning "Best of the Gulfshore Life" this year was certainly a high point, it's bittersweet, and for that I thank you all for your support of our team, rewarding them for their commitment to their practice and community.

As we wind-down during the month of June, please reach out to me, should you have any questions.

We have a full schedule through the end of the month. Come and join us to say goodbye. All class passes will be honored throughout June.

"In Life, hidden in the forces that pull us down is the energy to lift us up." - Christopher Harrison, Founder, AntiGravity®


Candice signaure

Candice Kochenour, Owner

Take Flyte with Your Mind, 
Body & Soul.

Our mission at House of Flyte is to bring about health and happiness through Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity suspension techniques offering a unique combination of fitness sequences. To retain our clients through our commitment to continuously improve the overall experience in an intimate & safe boutique fitness setting.

AntiGravity® Fitness is a comprehensive fitness technique designed to increase one’s overall health and physical agility while having fun and creating beauty. This unique combination of exercises, as a sequence, is intended to decompress one’s spine and align the body from head to toe while stretching and strengthening one’s muscles.

House of Flyte also offers Volée (vaw-LAY) - French, Meaning “Flight” emBRACE the Air! BALANCE. FLEXIBILITY. INTENSITY. The Volée MethodTM is an exciting, new exercise that fuses suspension, pilates, yoga and barre movement. It’s a challenging blend of flexibility and isometric exercises with the added dimension of using straps to brace your body in the air. This method is performed in bare feet, resistance comes from the suspension of your body, core-bracing squats, leg lifts, plank variations, pliés and développés as you stabilize with the straps, isometric contractions and elongating stretches create a full body work out, and a choreographed, repeated routine culminates in “best performance”. 

“We are only as young as our spine is flexible and our mind is open. When you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind.” — Christopher Harrison, Founder AntiGravity®

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Antigravity® sweeping the nation!